Tea O’clock

This post is so posh, I’m almost certain that the queen herself would approve of it. In fact, it’s so posh that if you’re reading this from your phones right now, your pinky is most likely raised with a starch arrogance. This is a post about tea, of course. Who doesn’t love a spot of afternoon tea? Today’s blog is all about Fortnum & Mason, and it gives me great pleasure to talk about the things that I love the most. Not everything I lust for is on Santa’s naughty list, and why should it when it tastes so nice? If we’re going to discuss lust, let’s start with the one thing that tickles my tastebuds the most. I’m talking about tea, silly! Tea and fudge! I can’t NOT write using an exclamation mark when I’m this excited about something.

I have a few items from Fortnum and Mason that I hope you’ll all like, and if you haven’t been there yet, I suggest you take a visit if any of you readers and fellow bloggers are in London!



Okay, first order of business, the tea. This is Moroccan mint tea and it’s honestly exquisite. I mean, it’s not the Moroccan mint tea from Sahara Café in Paris, but it’s so high up there that even Bruce Almighty is probably enjoying a cuppa. If you don’t know this about me by now, I’m obsessed with teas, more importantly Moroccan mint tea. I’ve searched high and low for a perfect cup, it’s like kissing frogs to find your perfect prince. This one is the prince’s son. It’s great, and will have potential to be even better one day, but it’s not there quite yet.

The second thing I want to talk about is the fudge. I’m so guilty of having a sweet tooth that I’d only be lying to myself if I denied myself the human right to be able to indulge in sugar. That’s basically what this fancy fudge is. A block of sugar, one of them pretending to tone down the sweetness with honey, only to make it worse. It’s so sweet that my face actually puckered from eating a small nibble. Yet I continued to nibble on it like a mouse with a chunk of cheese, because sugar, duh. I’ll admit, the honey one is a bit too much, but the regular fudge brick is up to par with my standards. They’re really high in case you were wondering.

All in all, it’s been a decadent filled day. I got to slurp on my favorite tea whilst rotting my teeth away. If that isn’t a good day to you, well, on behalf of the queen and I, I am sincerely sorry.

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